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Famous for Cajun and Home style cooking for all occasions, Diva Orleans Catering continues to be the number one choice in event planning for :

*Weddings *Holidays    *Anniversary     *Showers   *Birthdays   *Luncheons                       *Reunions  *Picnics      *Themed Affairs                          *Concerts   *Drop-Offs  *Fashion Shows

Clients have chosen my services as a result of word of mouth and the assurance that each function will be a memorable experience that presents eye pleasing, tasteful and delicious cuisine… . .


                       Diva Orleans Spicy and Dicy

                   Party Menu

 vMeatballs w/ Sausage 

 Swedish; Spicy; Sweet & Sour Sauce

vChicken wings

 Fried; Buffalo; Cajun Ranch; Jamaican

vMeat Tray

 Ham; Turkey; Roast Beef sliced w/ Swiss cheese

vRice or Pasta of Choice

 Jambalaya; Dirty Rice; Shrimp or Tuna Pasta


Cocktail; Garlic; Scampi or Boiled

 vSandwich Ring or Pinwheels

 Turkey; Ham; Salami and cheese


Potato; Tuna; Macaroni; Tossed or Caesar

 vFruit Tray    

 Strawberry; Cantaloupe; Pineapples; Grapes served w/ whipped Cream or chocolate dip

vVeggie Tray

 Broccoli; Carrots; Celery; Cauliflower w/ Ranch dressing

vSpinach dip w/ Hawaiian Bread

 vDevilish Eggs

            Diva Orleans Holiday Menu

vSt. Charles Turkey w/ Gravy or Glazed Ham

 v Mashed Potatoes w/ Mushroom Gravy

 vCorn Bread Dressing or Macaroni & cheese

 vZydeco Stuffed Peppers


Green Beans; Corn; Spinach; Cabbage ; Collard; Turnip Greens or Broccoli & Cheese


Traditional Tossed; Chef or Caesar w/ dressing

 vNapoleon Cranberry Sauce   

 vCanal St. Cake of Choice

Red Velvet; 7-Up; Swiss Chocolate; Carrot or Pineapple upside down Cake

 v Delectable Orleans Pie 

 Pecan; Dutch Apple; Pumpkin Sweet Potato or Riverwalk Bread Pudding  

             Diva Orleans Barbecue Menu

v Louisiana Style Ribs 

 vJazzy Grilled Chicken

 vMacaroni & Cheese

 vMardi Gras Hamburgers or Hot Dogs

 vDirty Rice or Creole Red Beans

 vBourbon Street Baked Beans

 vCorn on the Cob or Green Beans 

 vPotato Salad or Cole Slaw

vFruit Platter or Watermelon Basket

vDessert Bar


Diva Orleans Southern

Breakfast Menu


vBig Easy” Country Grits

Buttered or Cheese

vScrambled Eggs


Sausage ; Links or  Bacon

vFrench Quarter Biscuits or Beignets

vHash Browns or Diced Potatoes

vParade of Baked Turnovers or Pastries

vFresh Fruit

Strawberry; Cantaloupe; Pineapples & Grapes


100% Orange Juice; Apple Juice or  Grapefruit Juice


           For Further Information,Tasting Availability             (@ small fee based on " booked " parties 50 or larger) 

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